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What to consider when selecting appliances

Beautifully crafted built-in's that assist with those large family-style meals or ultra sleek stainless steel which makes a statement while you order takeout. No matter your preference, it is important to know that appliances are a vital component of a great kitchen design. Purchasing new appliances can be a costly investment and without proper planning, you could potentially run into pitfalls or suffer from buyers remorse. To avoid these unpleasant experiences, here are three tips to consider.

1. Create a "must have" checklist

Your first step towards selecting appliances is to figure out exactly what your needs are to ensure that you make the right choice for your lifestyle. For those who enjoy cooking large meals, a 42" wide refrigerator, double oven and warming drawer might be on your checklist. If you dwell on the opposite end of the spectrum, the second oven and warming drawer might be overkill. Instead, you may want to consider a convection microwave and save some valuable space by getting a 30-36" wide fridge. Your purchase is all about what will make your life easier and more efficient so be sure to consider your day-to-day use.

2. Do some research

After you narrow down your "must-have" checklist, do a quick search online to get an idea of how much each item costs. As consumers, we sometimes let our emotions make decisions for us before we sit down and think about a reasonable approach. Whether you end up deciding to purchase an entire appliance package or a single piece, having a ballpark figure will allow you to realistically know what is right for your project ahead of time. Doing your homework will also help guide you to the next matching appliance you would like to buy if you decide to purchase one piece at a time.

3. Consult with a professional

Last but certainly not least, consult with a professional - whether it be a kitchen and bath designer, contractor or knowledgeable salesperson. Factors like air clearances, gas and electrical locations, interaction between adjacent appliances and proper ventilation are all variables that will affect the overall function and layout of your kitchen. Speaking with a professional will help you avoid any unforeseen mishaps, not to mention give you an opportunity to get a better deal on your products.

If you are considering making an appliance purchase and would like more help, schedule your complementary consultation by clicking on the "contact us" button below.

Happy appliance shopping!

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